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Face treatments in London

All the beauty treatments that we offer in our center are specifically designed on the basis of the type of skin on your face, paying attention to genetics and the degree of aging.

Starting from a deep investigation of the skin, using special technologies, we will study together the most suitable treatments, products and plans designed for you to take care of your skin throughout the year.

Why you should choose Hintime Beauty Center London

Our beauty treatments and wellness programs are designed according to the customer’s phototype, chronotype and genotype, as well as our cosmetic lines.

Our Personal Beauty Trainers will take care of you with innovative and effective beauty treatments and tested and studied products from the Time Skin Care line.

Highly specialized staff

Cosmetic lines for every genetics

Cutting-edge technologies for any blemish

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Duration 60 min

Facial cleansing is a skin care & hygiene ritual that you absolutely must not avoid, as it is essential to keep the skin young and healthy.

One hour treatment with the goal of deep cleansing, anti-aging, unclogging your pores, exfoliating, stimulating cell turnover, collagen and elastine!

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Our Face Treatments

Featured Treatment

Trivalent Anti-Age Aesthetic Hygiene

Basic 60 min | Plus 90 min
A certified scientific protocol that represents the evolution of facial cleansing.

Its triphasic action works on face, neck and décolleté, considering the characteristics of each individual’s skin. The goal is to keep the skin organ healthy for 12 months.

Anti-age Face cleansing

Intensive Anti-Age Treatment

Basic 60 min | Plus 90 min

Path aimed at skin rejuvenation of the face, studied following the specific characteristics of the skin.

Anti-age Tonification Hydration

Cellular Biomatrix

Basic 60 min | Plus 90 min

A professional program dedicated to specific skin types to give tone and hydration, reducing the effects of skin aging.

Anti-age Hydration Lift-up

Lift Up – Silk Leather

Basic 60 min | Plus 90 min

Professional treatment capable of regenerating the hydration of the epidermis in a uniform manner.

Anti-age Face cleansing Hydration Tonification

New Skin – Veil of Collagen

Basic 60 min | Plus 90 min

Specific treatment to stimulate the production of collagen, essential for hydration, tonification of the skin tissue, for a more radiant skin with less wrinkles.

Anti-age Face cleansing Skincare

Seasonal Beauty Treatment

Basic 60 min

Treatments to help the skin in the changing seasons, specific for each type of skin and able to compensate for the various alterations that the skin can undergo at these particular times of the year.

Anti-age Filler effect

Filler Without Needles

Basic 60 min

Cosmeceutical treatment conveyed with electroporated technology, able to guarantee an immediate filler effect, plumping the skin and correcting asymmetries and imperfections.

Our customers say about us

  • Avatar alice orrù ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    I have been going to this Beauty Centre for a year to do my facials, and I strongly recommend this treatment here because they are caring and very meticulous. … More It is not easy to find someone good for Blackhead Extraction and I have been happy with the results since I started. I like that they are thorough and precise, the products they use are good and the skin recovers in few days after. Obviously with consistency the results are even better, so I was recommended one every 4/5weeks to keep my skin clean and alternate with a peeling every now and then to regenerate my cells.
    They have a wide range of service so they can help everyone with their needs.
    Give it a try!
  • Avatar Uta Roxana ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    I met a wonderful beautician yesterday, and she gave me an anti-aging facial. I definitely recommend her. My face was finally glowing when I left the location! … More My face felt clean and radiant after the massage, which helped me relax.
  • Avatar L Han ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Highly recommend! The treatment was worth the visit as staff members are really careful and understands what I want to achieve.
    The shop is very clean
    … More and service was top notch compared to elsewhere in London.

FAQ – Do you have any doubts?

Which products will be used during the treatments?2022-06-17T16:14:31+01:00

After a careful investigation of the customer’s genetics and skin type using specific technologies, our Personal Beauty Trainers will use the most suitable products, drawing from a pool of cutting-edge cosmetic and ceutical lines from the Time Skin Care products.

Time Skin Care cosmetics are dermatologically tested in Italy by the prestigious University of Ferrara. Our cosmetic lines are produced with active ingredients that derive directly from natural elements and are formulated according to the innovative ‘Neurocosmetic’ principle: a new trend of dermocosmetics in which treatments are bond to the nervous system, working at an early stage on the causes behind blemishes, in order to prevent their evolution.

What is the difference between basic and plus treatment?2022-06-03T15:44:26+01:00

The plus treatment, unlike the base, involves the application of ceutical products.

What are ceuticals?2022-06-17T15:09:44+01:00

They are more effective than a normal cosmetic product but less invasive than a medicine. They have been studied by the Time Skin Care laboratories to act on the deepest layers of the skin.

If you have other questions, click on the WhatsApp icon at the bottom right and we will be happy to answer you.

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