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Hintime Quality

All our treatments are customized according to the imperfection to be treated and the customer’s genetics.

Hintime Beauty Center is the reference point for face and body care in London.

Our Personal Beauty Trainers will take care of you with innovative beauty treatments and best-poked high-quality products to offer you the best in terms of beauty care and relax.

Hintime Beauty Center London

Featured Treatments

Face Treatment

Trivalent Aesthetic Hygiene

The evolution of facial cleansing. A triphasic action that works on face, neck and décolleté according to the individual’s genotype.


Body Treatment

Slimming Treatment

The treatment aims at accelerating fat metabolism, reducing the volume of fat.



Laser hair removal

Safe and painless permanent hair removal treatments, which employ the latest generation laser technology, effective even on the deepest and lightest hairs.


Face Treatments

Designed for each type of skin, they are customized according to individual characteristics, degree of skin aging and genetics of the skin. After a check-up, we can recommend the most suitable treatments for you.

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Body Treatments

Designed to treat different types and degrees of imperfections. A precise and careful analysis of the skin conditions allows us to identify the most suitable solutions to achieve concrete results.

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Certified treatments, innovative progressive permanent laser hairs removal. All with one goal: to give you smooth and radiant skin for a long time.

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Wellness Area

A holistic Total Body experience that combines self-care with total relaxation. A treatment aimed at treating the single blemish or a simple physiological restoration of the skin organ, accompanied by an atmosphere expertly designed to offer a moment of multi-sensory pleasure.

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Our customers say about us

  • Avatar redon skenderi ★★★★★ in the last week
    3° REVIEW
    Amazing experience. The center is so elegant, with welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. The staff is nice, polite, taking care of every customers’
    … More need.
    A wide range of professional technologies and products for every skintype.
    Totally recommended!
  • Avatar Kristiana Ndrekai ★★★★★ in the last week
    I went to the beauty center for a face and body consultance. The professionality and passion that the staff puts into their work is unbelievable.  My operator … More was Juliana I thank her again for the attention she put into the treatment and in the explanation of the products and of my skin type. I truly recommend it.

FAQ – Do you have any doubts?

What does multi-specialist center mean?2022-06-03T15:28:16+01:00

It is a beauty institute whose goal is to offer a richer, more complete and more detailed service than a traditional beauty center, thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies and cosmetic lines for all genetics.

Which products will be used during the treatments?2022-06-17T16:14:31+01:00

After a careful investigation of the customer’s genetics and skin type using specific technologies, our Personal Beauty Trainers will use the most suitable products, drawing from a pool of cutting-edge cosmetic and ceutical lines from the Time Skin Care products.

Time Skin Care cosmetics are dermatologically tested in Italy by the prestigious University of Ferrara. Our cosmetic lines are produced with active ingredients that derive directly from natural elements and are formulated according to the innovative ‘Neurocosmetic’ principle: a new trend of dermocosmetics in which treatments are bond to the nervous system, working at an early stage on the causes behind blemishes, in order to prevent their evolution.

Who are the personal beauty trainers?2022-06-03T15:40:59+01:00

Much more than just beauticians, our Personal Beauty Trainers are carefully trained at the Academy of Hintime, to be a point of reference for each client in taking care of their skin throughout the year, with specific treatments depending on of one’s genotype, chronotype and phototype.

Where are we and how can you contact us?2022-06-03T15:42:18+01:00

Follow us on our Instagram and Facebook channels or write us on WhatsApp for any information, we are at your disposal.

If you have other questions, click on the WhatsApp icon at the bottom right and we will be happy to answer you.

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